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Budget Plans

2015-2016 Budget Plan Price per Gallon Locked at:

Budget plans are the best cost effective solution for your heating needs. Instead of having heavy heating bills in the cold season, enjoy paying one low price like an insurance premium with a discounted locked in price! The benifit of knowing what you will pay for the year is really the piece of mind you can't put a price on.

10 Month Capped Budget Plan

$2.34 + .15¢ downside insurance per gallon.

Our 10 month Capped Budget plan caps your price at $2.34 . The insurance fee of .15 per gallon is split into your 10 monthly payments. With this plan you will not pay any higher than $2.34 throughout the season. However with the downside protection insurance, if the daily cash price drops below the budget capped price on the day you get a delivery, your price per gallon will be the lesser of the two. Any credit remaining at the end of the budget year can be used towards the following years plan or towards future oil deliveries. On this plan you will know what you are paying for the entire year regardless of any fluctuation of price for any reason while getting the lowest price possible when available. Payments start in July and end in April. The capped rate ends on June 30th.

Estimate Monthly Bill:

Use the calculator below to estimate what you will be paying monthly and how much you will save by using a budget plan!


*Calculations are estimates of actual costs. These calculations do not constitute a quote nor a contractual price. Prices are subject to change with out notice.